What did Jehovah’s Witnesses Predict for 1925

In 1920 in the book bublished by the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society, Millions Now Living Will Never Die, the earthly resurrection of “the faithful ones of old” was predicted.

In 1920 another prediction was made in the book “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” that there would be an Earthly resurrection of “the faithful ones of old”. It was predicted that they would be resurrected to an Earthly life on Earth, followed by the physical resurrection of faithful followers of God.

This is the Golden Age of which the prophets prophesied and of which the Psalmist sang; and it is the privilege of the student of the divine Word today, by the eye of faith, to see that we are standing at the very portals of that blessed time! Let us look up and lift up our heads. Deliverance is at the door!

Millions Now Living Will Never Die, International Bible Students Association, 1920, pg 105.

When these events failed to occur, Rutherford claimed that it was not a prediction, but merely an expressed opinion.

The events predicted were not abandoned. In 1929 built a spanish styled mansion in San Diego and named it Beth Sarim which means “house of the princes” Up until the late 1930 it was reassured that Beth Sarim was going to accommodate some of the returning princes. Even though there was never a new date assigned to this event, Beth Sarim contnued to stand thereafter as a monument to the organizations established expectation.

In 1948 the building was sold and the teaching of the return of the prophets was abandoned in 1950

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