Watchtower Quotes: Beards

Beards are Identified with Extremists and Rebels Against Society

“In recent years in many lands a beard or long hair on a man attracts immediate notice and may, in the minds of the majority, classify such a person undesirably with extremists or as rebels against society.

The Watchtower, Questions From Readers
“But more helpful than a specific rule in this regard will be application of the principle behind the Biblical statement quoted above: “‘Conscience,’ I say, not your own, but that of the other person.” The same counsel applies when it comes to wearing beards or certain articles of clothing. In some locations people still view beards as identifying rebellious elements in society.”

Awake! When Another’s Conscience Is Involved

Is that really true though? In what lands does a beard classify a person as extremist or rebels against society? Where does this information come from?

Shaving off a Beard is Evidence of Becoming a Better Person

“However, after the young man received the book, there was a remarkable transformation in the lad. He shaved off his beard, cut his hair, and stopped using drugs.

The Watchtower , “There Was the God I Had Been Looking For”
“A Bible study was started with him, and as Bible truth began to affect his heart, the changes he made were visible to all. One of the first evidences of his change was that he cut short his long hair and shaved off his straggly beard.

The Watchtower, The Truth Transforms Lives

Beards not Acceptable for Christians

“Extreme hair styles can easily lead one into a trap of the Devil also, and cause others to stumble… From early youth he had let his beard grow, and since some in the business community wore beards, he felt that his wearing one in preaching to others would be acceptable generally.…. He was invited to consider his appearance in relation to what he claimed to be, a servant of God. Not wanting to be responsible for even one person’s being stumbled so as to miss the way to everlasting life, this new Kingdom publisher shaved off his beard.”

The Watchtower, Do Not Let Yourself Be Ensnared by Fads and Entertainment

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