Jehovah’s Witnesses Property Sales

Year:Description:Country:Location:Selling Price:Link:
2004733,000-square-foot headquarters complexUSA360 Furman Street$205,000,000.00
200676-unit building on Livingston StreetUSA67 Livingston Street$18,600,000.00
2006USA89 Hicks Street$14,000,000.00
2007Standish Arms hotel in Brooklyn HeightsUSA169 Columbia Heights$50,000,000.00
2011USA50 Orange Street$7,100,000.00
2012USA183 Columbia Heights$6,600,000.00
2012USA165 Columbia Heights$4,100,000.00
2012USA161 Columbia Heights$3,000,000.00
USA76 Willow Street$3,025,000.00
2012USA105 Willow Street$3,300,000.00
2012USA32 Orange Street$2,825,000.00
2012The Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn HeightsUSABossert Hotel$81,000,000.00
2012USA67 Remsen Street$3,250,000.00
2013USA173 Front Street, 177 Front Street & 200 Water Street$30,600,000.00
Assembly hall in IndianapolisUSA$2,895,000.00
Ireland branch officeIreland$5,360,332.00
2013USA55 Prospect Street, 81 Prospect Street, 117 Adams Street, 77 Sands Street, 90 Sands Street & 175 Pearl Street$375,000,000.00
2021Four bedroom modern homeUKFitzrovia, London, UK$1,382,413.00
2021Eight bedroom luxury homeUKThe Ridgeway, London, UK$1,842,366.00
2021Apartment building with 18 unitsUKWood Street, Chelmsford$7,510,860.00
124 Columbia Heights
USA6-10 Clark Street$12,500,000.00

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